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2015 Guide to Employment Law for California Employers
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Employment Law Compliance
Help for California Employers

Since 1991, California Employer Advisor has been helping California employers with their employment-related compliance challenges. We understand as well as you do that doing business in California simply isn't like doing business anywhere else.


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Webinars on Demand
Commission Sales Agreements in California: How to Achieve Desired Results and Comply with the LawCommission Sales Agreements in California: How to Achieve Desired Results and Comply with the Law
Originally presented on January 29, 2014
Listen to an in-depth webinar that will demystify the confusion around commission sales agreements--who requires them, and who doesn't, and what you must include in the agreement. Our presenters answer questions California HR professionals are faced with on this matter, and provide guidelines on how to go about complying with the law. . . . more

CFRA Certifications: The Ins and Outs of Compliance in CaliforniaCFRA Certifications: The Ins and Outs of Compliance in California
Originally presented on December 16, 2014
With rising medical costs and a cumbersome workers' compensation claims and appeals process, employers and unions here in California should consider whether using a workers' compensation carve out is right for them. . . . more

Workers' Compensation Carve Outs in California: How to Use This Legislatively Authorized Tool for Cutting Costs, Boosting Efficiency & Improving Union Relations in Resolving Employees ClaimsWorkers' Compensation Carve Outs in California: How to Use This Legislatively Authorized Tool for Cutting Costs, Boosting Efficiency & Improving Union Relations in Resolving Employees Claims
Originally presented on November 14, 2014
With rising medical costs and a cumbersome workers' compensation claims and appeals process, employers and unions here in California should consider whether using a workers' compensation carve out is right for them. . . . more

Battling Bullies in the California Workplace: Policies for Keeping Your Office Safe and CompliantBattling Bullies in the California Workplace: Policies for Keeping Your Office Safe and Compliant
Originally presented on October 29, 2014
Don't let workplace bullying hurt your organization. Learn how to develop and maintain a workplace culture that protects employee health and your organization's reputation while promoting both productivity and profitability. . . . more

Writing ADA and FEHA Compliant Job Descriptions in California: How to Meet the New RequirementsWriting ADA and FEHA Compliant Job Descriptions in California: How to Meet the New Requirements
Originally presented on August 12, 2014
California employers can get in-depth guidance on how to write clear and legal job descriptions. You will get tips on how to avoid missteps with the ADA and FEHA, and still provide effective job descriptions. Our presenter will provide you with resources and information essential to ensuring your organization's job descriptions are legal and clear, which can go a long way toward keeping you free from future legal entanglements due to ADA or FEHA missteps. . . . more

Policies and Forms
Sample Policy: Recruitment of New EmployeesSample Policy: Recruitment of New Employees
Updated February 2015
XYZ, Inc., aggressively recruits to attract top-caliber individuals to all levels of the organization. Vacant or new positions may be filled by either transfer or promotion of existing employees, or by new employees who are recruited or apply. Recruitment may be conducted through advertising . . . more

Sample Policy: State Unemployment InsuranceSample Policy: State Unemployment Insurance
Updated February 2015
You may be protected against total loss of wages if you become unemployed under certain conditions as outlined by the California Unemployment Insurance Code. Eligibility requirements under this code . . . more

Sample Policy: State Disability InsuranceSample Policy: State Disability Insurance
Updated February 2015
Nonoccupational disability insurance is provided by state law for every California employee who is covered by the Unemployment Insurance Code and who meets the eligibility requirements. . . . more

Sample Policy: Workers' CompensationSample Policy: Workers' Compensation
Updated February 2015
XYZ Inc. furnishes workers' compensation insurance coverage at its expense. Workers' comp insurance is intended to provide medical care and pay for lost time resulting from injuries on the job and those illnesses . . . more

Sample Policy: Intellectual Property Assignments: Inventions, Patents, and CopyrightsSample Policy: Intellectual Property Assignments: Inventions, Patents, and Copyrights
Updated February 2015
All inventions, patents, and copyrightable works conceived, developed, or created by any XYZ Inc. employee during the term of his or her employment are created as works for hire and will remain the sole property of the company. XYZ will be free to use any such discoveries, . . . more

California Employer Advisor

Most Recent Articles
Online Exclusive: 11-point action plan for handling violence in the workplace
CEA Online Exclusive March 2015
Violence in the workplace is perhaps every employer's worst nightmare. Yet many employers don't take actions that can reduce the odds of such incidents, let alone formulate response plans for handling violence when it does arise. Our action plan will walk you through the necessary steps to help preempt and prepare for workplace violence. . . . more

Rest periods: Court of Appeals OKs on-call rest periods
March 2015
In 2012, the California Supreme Court issued its long-awaited Brinker ruling, bringing some much-needed clarity to the state's meal and rest period laws. Confusion has lingered on some issues, though, such as whether an on-call rest period is permissible. The Court of Appeals recently answered that question in the affirmative. . . . more

Leaves: Paid sick leaves are right around the corner; What you need to know
March 2015
If you're a California employer, the new paid sick leave law has probably been on your radar for a while now, right along with some clouds of confusion. For starters, although the law took effect January 1, 2015, employees' right to accrue and take sick leave under it doesn't take effect until July 1, 2015. We'll explain what some of the law's most important provisions mean for you. . . . more

Arbitration: Employer waives arbitration; Where it went wrong
March 2015
Regular CEA readers have learned about numerous cases where employers lost their ability to arbitrate employee claims because their arbitration agreements didn't hold up under judicial scrutiny. Now comes a case in which the court took no issue with the agreement, but the employer nonetheless forfeited its right to arbitrate wage and hour claims. The employer's missteps present a cautionary tale for all employers. . . . more

Disabilities: Accommodation, interactive process claims revived; Avoid this employer's errors
March 2015
Satisfying the reasonable accommodation obligations of the state Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) can be among the most vexing challenges employers face. It's not uncommon for an employer to believe that it's done more than enough to accommodate an employee--only to discover that a court disagrees. We'll tell you how one employer found itself in just such a position and how you can reduce the risk of landing there yourself. . . . more

Terminations: Public policy protects 'perceived whistleblowers'; Whistleblower law expanded
March 2015
You might think a former employee's whistleblower claim would quickly crash and burn if the employee had never actually blown a whistle on his or her employer. Under a new state law that took effect January 1, 2015, and significantly expands whistleblower protections in California, you would be wrong. Read on to see an example of how this could play out and learn about the new employee protections. . . . more

Featured resource: Checklist for meal and rest break compliance
March 2015
It's been almost 3 years since the California Supreme Court's landmark ruling on meal and rest breaks in Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court. Yet some confusion over breaks remains. Use our checklist to help you comply with your break-related obligations. . . . more

Online Exclusive: Sample ergonomic injury prevention policy
CEA Online Exclusive February 2015
Erg . . . more

2015 FMLA/CFRA Master Class for California Employers

California Employer Advisor

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