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2015 Guide to Employment Law for California Employers
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Employment Law Compliance
Help for California Employers

Since 1991, California Employer Advisor has been helping California employers with their employment-related compliance challenges. We understand as well as you do that doing business in California simply isn't like doing business anywhere else.


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Webinars on Demand
CFRA Intermittent Leave in California: What You Need to Know to Comply with the Law While Curbing Suspected FraudCFRA Intermittent Leave in California: What You Need to Know to Comply with the Law While Curbing Suspected Fraud
Originally presented on June 24, 2015
To make sure your intermittent leave policies are both up-to-date and manageable, watch this webinar led by an experienced, California-based employment law attorney. You'll obtain excellent working knowledge of one of the trickiest areas of California leave law . . . more

Workplace Investigations from Complaint to Closure: Step-by-Step Instructions for the California HR ProWorkplace Investigations from Complaint to Closure: Step-by-Step Instructions for the California HR Pro
Originally presented on May 5, 2015
Listen to an in-depth webinar as our presenter gets you up-to-speed on how to conduct workplace investigations here in California when you participate in this interactive webinar specifically for California employers . . . more

Tricky Disability Accommodation Issues in California: How to Navigate a Compliant Path under the ADA/FEHATricky Disability Accommodation Issues in California: How to Navigate a Compliant Path under the ADA/FEHA
Originally presented on March 25, 2015
Listen to an in-depth webinar as our presenter, a seasoned California-based employment attorney, will explain how to successfully navigate the murky and downright treacherous waters of disability accommodation laws, and how to chart a path through the trickiest of ADA/FEHA accommodations. . . . more

Managing HR's Legal Risks: The Top 10 Things Employers Do to Get Sued in California and How to Minimize the Likelihood of LawsuitsManaging HR's Legal Risks: The Top 10 Things Employers Do to Get Sued in California and How to Minimize the Likelihood of Lawsuits
Originally presented on February 26, 2015
Listen to an in-depth webinar to learn many of the most common mistakes employers make to land themselves in legal hot water in California, and what you can do to avoid them. . . . more

Commission Sales Agreements in California: How to Achieve Desired Results and Comply with the LawCommission Sales Agreements in California: How to Achieve Desired Results and Comply with the Law
Originally presented on January 29, 2015
Listen to an in-depth webinar that will demystify the confusion around commission sales agreements--who requires them, and who doesn't, and what you must include in the agreement. Our presenters answer questions California HR professionals are faced with on this matter, and provide guidelines on how to go about complying with the law. . . . more

Policies and Forms
Sample Policy: Recruitment of New EmployeesSample Policy: Recruitment of New Employees
Updated February 2015
XYZ, Inc., aggressively recruits to attract top-caliber individuals to all levels of the organization. Vacant or new positions may be filled by either transfer or promotion of existing employees, or by new employees who are recruited or apply. Recruitment may be conducted through advertising . . . more

Sample Policy: State Unemployment InsuranceSample Policy: State Unemployment Insurance
Updated February 2015
You may be protected against total loss of wages if you become unemployed under certain conditions as outlined by the California Unemployment Insurance Code. Eligibility requirements under this code . . . more

Sample Policy: State Disability InsuranceSample Policy: State Disability Insurance
Updated February 2015
Nonoccupational disability insurance is provided by state law for every California employee who is covered by the Unemployment Insurance Code and who meets the eligibility requirements. . . . more

Sample Policy: Workers' CompensationSample Policy: Workers' Compensation
Updated February 2015
XYZ Inc. furnishes workers' compensation insurance coverage at its expense. Workers' comp insurance is intended to provide medical care and pay for lost time resulting from injuries on the job and those illnesses . . . more

Sample Policy: Intellectual Property Assignments: Inventions, Patents, and CopyrightsSample Policy: Intellectual Property Assignments: Inventions, Patents, and Copyrights
Updated February 2015
All inventions, patents, and copyrightable works conceived, developed, or created by any XYZ Inc. employee during the term of his or her employment are created as works for hire and will remain the sole property of the company. XYZ will be free to use any such discoveries, . . . more

California Employer Advisor

Most Recent Articles
Online Exclusive: Tips for accommodating individuals with depression
CEA Online Exclusive August 2015
In a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey during 2009--2012, 7.6 percent of Americans aged 12 and over suffered from symptoms of moderate or severe depression in the 2 weeks before they were interviewed. Almost 43 percent of people with severe depression symptoms reported serious difficulties in work, home, and social activities. . . . more

Independent contractors: When can joint employers be liable for willful misclassification?
August 2015
California employers have been subject to stiff penalties for the "willful" misclassification of employees as independent contractors since January 1, 2012. But what about joint employers--are they vulnerable, too? Under a California Court of Appeals ruling, they could be. Read on to learn how a joint employer can be held liable for penalties that run as high as $25,000 per violation. . . . more

Wellness: EEOC issues proposed wellness program rule; What you need to know
August 2015
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released a proposed rule that provides guidance on how wellness programs can comply with relevant provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We'll tell you what you need to know. . . . more

Disability discrimination: Inability to work for certain supervisor because of stress isn't 'disability'
August 2015
Lots of employees have tough bosses, and some of those bosses can even cause so much anxiety and stress that employees feel like they can no longer work for them. But does that render those employees disabled for purposes of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)? As the state Court of Appeals reminds us, the answer to that question is generally "no." . . . more

Arbitration: Court upholds arbitration agreement; 3 ways the employer got it right
August 2015
Lawsuits questioning the enforceability of mandatory arbitration agreements for employment-related disputes continue to clog the courts. As one case indicates, though, employers seem to be catching on to the steps they need to take to increase the odds that their agreements will stand up to judicial scrutiny. . . . more

Featured resource: 8 steps to a successful wellness plan
August 2015
An effective workplace wellness program can pay off for employers and employees alike. . . . more

Online Exclusive: Updated checklist for mandatory supervisor sexual harassment training
CEA Online Exclusive July 2015
For more than a decade, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) has mandated supervisor sexual harassment training (often referred to as A.B. 1825 training) for California employers with 50 or more employees. These employers must provide at least 2 hours of classroom or other effective interactive training and education on sexual harassment to all supervisors located in the state within 6 months of hire or promotion and every 2 years after that. . . . more

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Janet Caprario

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